Pearls before swine

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Translation (2008-07-06)

Pig: I'm thinking about going to Mexico. But I'm worried about not knowing Spanish.
Rat: I know some... What do you want to know?
Pig: Well... What's the Spanish word for taco?
Rat: That's it.
Pig: What's it?
Rat: That's the word.
Pig: What's the word?
Rat: I just told you.
Pig: You said that's the word.
Rat: Yes.
Pig: So what's the word for burrito?
Rat: It's the same.
Pig: It's the same.
Rat: Yes.
Pig: Then what's the word for an enchilada?
Rat: Dude. Don't be a @#$%^&* moron!
Mexican: You want what, senior?
Pig: Two that's, one same, and dude, don't be a @#$%^&* moron.
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