Pearls before swine

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Translation (2008-07-20)

Author: The large train needed to be pulled over the mountain.
Author: "We cannot do it," said the big engines, "It's too hard."
Author: "I will do it," volunteered the tiniest train in the train yard.
Author: The larger trains laughed at the tiny train. "You cannot do it," they said. "I can try my best" said the tiny train.
Author: So the tiny train pulled and pulled and soon the large train started to move. The other trains were amazed.
Author: "I think I can. I think I can" said the tiny train to himself as he slowly moved up the mountain pulling his large load.
Author: "I know I can! I know I can!" shouted the tiny train as he reached the summit.
Author: Then a massive landslide destroyed the train.
Goat: You are not putting this in a children's book.
Rat: 'So remember kids, luck and timing are much more important than personal effort.'
Pig: I will never try again.
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