Pearls before swine

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Translation (2008-07-27)

Pig: Hey there, Mr. Crumb. How goes it?
Mr. Crumb: Not good, Pig. I'm tired of the humdrum of living on the streets. I just sit in silence and eat fruit I find outside the market,
Pig: Well, what do you want to do?
Mr. Crumb: I don't know. It's a real conundrum. I used to be doing something in my life... Like, I played guitar and percussion in a band. Maybe I should return to it.
Pig: Why don't you?
Mr. Crumb: Because then I tell to myself it's a dumb idea. I'm just as happy to sit in some rundown area and drink a little rum and hum myself a tune.
Pig: Oh, Mr. Crumb... Don't get down like that.
Mr. Crumb: I tell you, I'm numb to it all, Pig... And I don't have any answers.
Rat: Answers to what?
Pig: Mr. Crumb's conundrum of the humdrum of being mum and eating plums like a numb bum from some slum or drum and strum or hum with rum if dumb.
Rat: You're a nausea-inducing embarrassment.
Pastis: Sick tum? Come. Have some gum.
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